Supermarket for Spotting Supplies


Supermarket for Spotting Supplies By Gerald Brant Here’s an opportunity to do a little online research. Search online for “janitorial suppliers,” and you should find several who can assist in creating a spotting kit. While on these companies’ websites, browse through other products. You’ll likely discover many items available for [...]

Buyer Beware


Buyer Beware By Gerald Brant Here’s the scene: A few years ago you purchased a matching set of wing-backed chairs – beautiful fabric, expensive, perfect to complete your carefully planned interior décor. Now that inevitable time comes when soiling takes its toll, and the chairs need cleaning. Naturally, you call [...]

Spotting Safety


Spotting Safety By Gerald Brant Ninety percent of all spots on rugs and carpets can be removed with a mild detergent if acted on immediately (within a few minutes). Because it would take a fleet of Supermen to respond that fast, that leaves you as the only defense against permanent stains around your home. [...]

The Best Vacuum


The Best Vacuum By Gerald Brant Conduct this simple test: Go to an entry area and separate the tufts from your rug or carpet. Moisten your finger and press it to the backing between the tufts. Now examine your fingertip. If no gritty soil has adhered to your finger, you can relax and stop [...]

Rug Uglied Out?


Rug Uglied Out? By Gerald Brant Most rugs and carpet don’t wear out – they “ugly” out. That’s right. Your rug’s carpet’s appearance becomes so bad that you can’t stand to look at it anymore (or for your friends or neighbors to). So you drop by your local rug store to see if you can [...]

Do It Yourself?


Do It Yourself? By Gerald Brant Everybody loves a money-saving bargain, and many energetic homeowners who have yet to invest in finer furnishings anticipate professional results without paying the professional’s price. They are not trying to duplicate the job of the old pro, mind you, but rather simply have other budget priorities right now. If [...]

Cushioning Your Investment


Cushioning Your Investment By Gerald Brant Padding – or rug and carpet cushion – is seldom considered in extending the life of rugs and carpets, although padding has a direct effect on wear, safety, insulation, and decorative impression. There are several types of pads from which to choose: Foam rubber pads (also called rebond), waffle [...]

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?


How's Your Indoor Air Quality? By Gerald Brant Rugs and carpets without cleaners makes no sense at all. In fact, a major contributor to poor indoor air quality are dirty rugs and carpets. An unwillingness to clean your rugs and carpets regularly and properly, coupled with the high humidity that comes with living in South [...]

Upholstery Stain Repellent?


Upholstery Stain Repellent? By Gerald Brant Because you've finally purchased that just-perfect new upholstered furniture, doesn't it make sense to protect your investment with a stain repellent? Sound familiar? It does if you've purchased fabric furniture lately, because many retailers are selling stain repellent as an add-on service. It is a good idea, but only [...]

Selecting a Pro


Selecting a Pro By Gerald Brant Sooner or later you’ll need a professional rug or carpet cleaner. There simply is no way you can match the advanced chemistry, equipment, and training the professional has. Note that I use the term “professional” cleaner. Anyone can “clean,” and anyone can call himself or herself “professional.” If you [...]