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May 2017

The Polyester Problem


The Polyester Problem By Gerald Brant For decades, carpet manufacturers searched for a fiber that solved wear and soiling problems. A discovery of the 1950s was a new miracle fiber called polyester. Known for vivid colors, easy cleaning, and spot resistance, polyester revolutionized the clothing industry. Hailed as the new [...]

Installation Magicians


Installation Magicians By Gerald Brant Unfortunately, most consumers spend their time choosing color, pattern, and texture, and proper installation is never given a second thought. Here are several important second thoughts to consider. Ripples, buckles, and bulges develop a few months after installation. Many a professional installer’s assistant gets a [...]

April 2017

Considering Flocked Velvet?


Considering Flocked Velvet? By Gerald Brant Whenever I go shopping, I often wander off to the furniture department to see what’s new. A real eye-catcher in the last few years has been flocked velvet upholstery. The procedure for manufacturing this fabric isn’t easy to explain, because it involves a woven [...]

Oriental Rugs Investment Protection


Oriental Rugs Investment Protection By Gerald Brant Exactly how does an individual provide maximum life expectancy for high-value oriental rugs? First, let’s identify the culprit in reducing life expectancy – abrasive soil. No matter how tough the fiber, when subjected to heavy, traffic-bearing abrasive soil (sand, clay, carbon, etc.), it’s [...]

Keep Out!


Keep Out! By Gerald Brant Let’s face it, the main reason rugs and carpet wear out is because of gritty abrasive soil grinding away at the base of the tufts, causing them to be literally chewed to pieces. So, what do you do to keep out the stuff that’s causing [...]

Cat Got Your Carpet?


Cat Got Your Carpet? By Gerald Brant Pets are great, but let’s face it, eventually every pet has an accident. And when they do, your rug or carpet has a problem. Within hours, germs and bacteria begin to grow. The problem compounds as urine forms a gummy residue, which attracts [...]

March 2017

Ripples? Blame the Cleaner?


Ripples? Blame the Cleaner? By Gerald Brant Here’s the scene. I just cleaned your carpet – and did a great job, too! A few hours later, you notice lots of ripples developing, especially in the traffic areas. Naturally, I get a frantic phone call (occasionally, even with a few unprintable [...]

Flooded Carpet?


Flooded Carpet? By Gerald Brant Here’s the scene. It’s 2 a.m. You hear water running somewhere in your home. Finally, you decide you’d better get up and check things out – and SPLASH – you step down into cold, soggy carpet that is now under three inches of water. What [...]

Let ’Em Hang


Let 'Em Hang By Gerald Brant Draperies are one of the most misunderstood home décor fabrics, and salespeople have little information about maintenance. So, with a shrug, they suggest, “Just let ’em hang!” I’m one who believes that conscientious homeowners are more concerned about the life of their drapery investment [...]

Haitian Cotton Catastrophe


Haitian Cotton Catastrophe By Gerald Brant Haitian cotton describes an upholstery fabric displaying the “natural look” of cotton. It consists of a weave of thick, irregular yarns with lots of impurities (twigs, leaves, and seed fragments). Haitian cotton produces an off-white, casual look that blends with many color schemes and [...]