Vacuum Frequency


Vacuum Frequency By Gerald Brant It’s true: Most homeowners aren’t interested in rug and carpet maintenance because their busy schedules leave little time to worry about those abrasive soils slowly accumulating – until rug and carpet replacement times arrives. Then, like New Year’s resolutions never kept, we “vow to do it differently this time.” But [...]

Fiber Facts


Fiber Facts By Gerald Brant What homeowner hasn't shopped a favorite rug retailer and been bewildered by the array of colors, styles, textures, and fibers. The problem is compounded by glowing descriptions hailing the advantages of one type of rug over another. I won't pretend to provide information on matters of personal preference. Fibers, however, [...]

Mildew Dilemma


Mildew Dilemma By Gerald Brant One of the most persistent problems plaguing homeowners is mildew – particularly in high-humidity areas, such as the bathroom. If you think it’s a problem for you, then you should walk a mile in my shoes as a Certified Master Rug Cleaner, who routinely deals with mildew and fungus growth [...]

Rug Color: Personality or Practicality?


Rug Color: Personality or Practicality? By Gerald Brant Every rug salesperson knows that color is the primary consideration in most rug selection decisions. Volumes have been written on the subject of coloring in order to determine what best expresses your sense of style and taste. There are, however, certain practical limitations to letting your imagination [...]