The Mark of Misery


The Mark of Misery By Gerald Brant Picture this frustrating scene: Your trusty professional cleaner just began cleaning your favorite easy chair – you know, the one he tested so carefully and found to be colorfast. You’re in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast dishes, when suddenly you hear a scream [...]

What Does Clean Mean?


What Does Clean Mean? By Gerald Brant Have you ever heard the saying, “When pricing goods and services, be sure you are comparing apples to apples?” So it is when selecting a rug and carpet cleaner. Frequently, you see ads for cleaning specials, most of which seem too good to [...]

Mystery Spots


Mystery Spots By Gerald Brant One of the most frustrating problems homeowners face is permanent discolorations in rugs and carpets with no apparent cause. Today, the rug is fine. Tomorrow, spots appear, seemingly without cause. Several household products can cause “mystery spots” if not used with care. So, what are [...]

Patio Furniture Problems


Patio Furniture Problems By Gerald Brant Whether metal or plastic, patio furniture is constantly exposed to pollen, pollutants, and mildew, which eventually create an overall dingy appearance. Frequently, the only solution to this difficult cleaning problem seems to be repainting or replacement. Both are expensive and time-consuming alternatives. Is there [...]

A Trial Separation


A Trial Separation By Gerald Brant Relax, no marriage counseling today. The subject is delamination – or the separation of backings on relatively new rugs and carpets. Here’s the scene: Your rug seems limp and starts curling up at the edges, or you notice telltale ripples in traffic areas, or [...]

Planter Stains


Planter Stains By Gerald Brant I got a call from a distressed homeowner the other day. It seems she’d watered her lovely potted plant that was place in a decorative basket. A couple of days later, she discovered the stain from the basket was now on her new nylon rug [...]

Corn Rowing?


Corn Rowing By Gerald Brant If you have shag carpet (yes, they are still available), plush carpet, or one with a Saxony pile design, then you need to be aware of a problem that might already be occurring. It is called corn rowing, and it has nothing to do with [...]

Those Beautiful Velvets


Those Beautiful Velvets By Gerald Brant Frequently I am asked if velvet upholstery is practical for homes with kids and pets. Homeowners are reluctant to invest in “delicate” velvets for frequent use, though they love the warm look and feel they provide. Fear no more. With a few precautions, you’ll [...]

A Dirty Mind


A Dirty Mind By Gerald Brant When does it pay to be dirty minded? When you’re a professional cleaner, or course. That’s because if you don’t know how dirt (let’s call it soil) gets into carpet, then you’re hardly in a position to know how to get it out. Proctor [...]

Filter Soiling


Filter Soiling By Gerald Brant There’s a name for those awful black lines occurring in carpets around baseboards, floor vents, and sometimes even under doors and draperies. It’s called filter soiling. How does it form? Really, it’s a combination of several things, such as pollution from outside your home (especially auto exhaust emissions), [...]